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Oh Hai Fans! I've recently upgraded my targeting systems and was wondering what everyone thought of them? My new Star Wars flash should be up in the next couple of weeks (I'm still fixing up a few bugs and such). It's been hard fighting evil empires with little to no funds and staying on target is harder then ever! But do not lose hope friends! We rebels will prevail! And remember, you can never fly too low!

Oh hay everyone. I've recently uploaded a few pictures to the art portal and I think they are perhaps the best works of art ever made. Staying on target has been jaw-droppingly hard. My game wont be finished until 2015 now cause I've got a lot of missions coming up. So in case your wondering, no I do not do special appearances at parties and no I do not sing at weddings. Stay on target.

New Flash

2010-02-26 14:14:48 by Jek-Porkins

Hay guys, yeah its been a little while since I uploaded my first masterpiece and I'm still working on the game, it may take a little longer than expected to complete but I will get there in the end. I've decided to stay on target and upload something in the meantime, its a little flash I made, it took about a week and a half and I hope you all enjoy it.

New Upcoming Game

2010-02-06 15:00:33 by Jek-Porkins

Ive uploaded a new concept I've been working on because apparently no one else can stay on target when it comes to their own Starwars games. Ive only uploaded the menu for it because its not finished yet. The game will hopefully be out in about 2-3 months, keep an eye out.

About targets

2010-01-19 12:34:22 by Jek-Porkins

Stay on Target.